Create a Template

The real power of templates is that when you use percentages of your one rep max to record weights, scheduling a template stores the percentage to calculate your new weights. That way, when you increase the one rep max for an exercise and then schedule the template, the sets in your workout will be proportionally heavier.

On the Templates tab, click the + button. There are three fields available for you to fill out:

Title, a range of dates, and Description.

Create Template

Title and a valid date range containing at least one session are the two required fields. You must fill these out in order to save your new template.

To create a template:

  1. Give your template a descriptive name, such as Week 1
  2. Tap the From/To/Session Count row to select a date range on the Template Calendar
  3. Add a description (optional)
  4. Click Save to save the template

Template Calendar

The Template Calendar is where you select a date range for a new template. A template must include at least one existing session.

  1. Navigate to the first date so that it is visible while the From segment is selected.
  2. Tap the desired start date. This is where your date range starts.
  3. Now tap the To segment.
  4. Tap the desired end date. This is where your date range ends.

Template calendar

Any sessions which fall within this range will show up in the table below the Template Calendar. This date range is inclusive from From to To.

E.g. if you have a session on February 1 and a session on February 2, and set your From date to February 1 and your To date to February 2, you will see both sessions in your session count and in the table below the calendar.

To select only the session on February 1, set both your From and To dates to February 1.